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Connecting to a ZF 4HP24 Gear Lever Position Sensor

The gear lever position sensor for the ZF4HP-24 transmission comes in two varieties; US and UK.

The US version of the sensor has 5(five) wires that need to be processed by COMPUSHIFT II and the UK version has 4(four) wires.

US Version

In your vehicle you will find the sensor is connected to a loom that consists of 9 wires. The wires that you will need are BROWN/PURPLE, BLUE/PURPLE, BLUE/BLACK, BLUE/GREEN, and BLUE/WHITE. In your kit you are provided with a 5 Way plug that you can use for these wires to make connecting to the 5 Way plug on the provided transmission harness a snap. You may prefer to skip the 5 Way plugs and solder directly to the harness.

In either instance,  BROWN/PURPLE connects to the BLACK wire on the harness, BLUE/PURPLE connects to BLUE/RED, BLUE/BLACK connects to BLUE/BLACK, BLUE/GREEN connects to BLUE, and BLUE/WHITE connects to WHITE. 

UK Version

In your vehicle you will find the sensor is connected to a factory loom; due to lack of documentation and availability we can't tell you what wires you need from this loom, however, the wires you need directly off of the gear lever position sensor are BLACK, GRAY, YELLOW, and WHITE. You can trace the necessary wires on the factory loom back to the source and figure it out that way, or solder the gear lever position sensor to the provided transmission harness.

In either instance, BLACK from the sensor connects to BLACK on the harness, GRAY connects to BLUE/RED, YELLOW connects to BLUE/BLACK, and WHITE connects to BLUE.

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