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Install the Cable-Operated TPS (Optional)

If your vehicle is older and can't use our AccuLink TPS or doesn't have an EFI engine with built-in TPS, then you'll need to use our Cable Operated TPS


Install the Cable TPS

  • Find the Ratio Arm and attach it to the throttle linkage at an appropriate point using the supplied screw, washer and locking nut.
    • The adjustable cable end attaches to the Ratio Arm.
    • The Ratio Arm must be attached so that the cable moves about 3/4" through the full throttle travel.
    • For correct travel, the end of the Ratio Arm should be positioned about 3/4" below the throttle plate shaft.
    • Travel should start from the closed throttle position, with the cable arm pointing at a 45-degree angle to the direction of cable travel.


This drawing shows a typical installation on a carburetor.



Mount the Cable Bracket

  • Mount the cable housing and supplied bracket near the throttle linkage. As shown in the previous drawing, the cable should be horizontal and level when attached to the Ratio Arm.
  • Both the cable housing and cable end have adjustable travel. To adjust the cable end, loosen the screw, move the end to its new position and re-tighten.
  • The cable housing adjustment has a lock / unlock feature. Unlock the cable adjustment by pressing on the cable housing's square button. Slide the housing as necessary. Lock by pressing the button on the opposite side.
  • The cable is spring-loaded, so be sure the cable has some preload in the closed throttle position. You can adjust the preload by loosening the cable-end screw and taking up the slack.


You must not overextend the range of travel of the TPS. Doing so will break the sensor and void your warranty.



Mount the Sensor Box

  • The splashproof Sensor Box can be mounted in the engine compartment, under the vehicle or inside the cabin. Be sure to mount it away from the exhaust system and somewhat shielded from weather.
  • Use the supplied mounting tabs and sheet-metal screws. Be careful while routing the cable (avoid sharp bends) from the cable bracket to the Sensor Box.
  • After installing the Sensor Box, plug in the sensor connector.


If you have any questions about your ability to do this part of the job, get help from a qualified mechanic. Our distributors and the HGM headquarters are also available to advise you.

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