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Install the EFI TPS Adapter Harness (Optional)

If you're using an Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI) engine and don't need to install a separate TPS, then you can use the HGM TPS adapter cable to the OEM wiring harness.

EFI with a General Motors throttle position sensor.

If your fuel injection uses the standard General Motors TPS socket, you can use our Y-adapter harness.

  • Unplug the throttle position sensor from its original wiring harness.
  • Plug the male end of the Y adapter harness into the throttle position sensor.
  • Plug the original plug into the female end of the Y adapter harness.
  • Connect the 3 wire mail COMPUSHIFT engine harness TPS connector into the mated connector on the Y adapter harness.



Other Systems

If you have some other type of socket, we can provide you with a bare pigtail adapter harness, which you can install yourself.

Route the adapter cable's two (2) wires as follows:

  • Connect the green-white wire to the low or grounded side of the injection TPS.
  • Connect the solid green wire to the sensor signal.

Be sure to set the TPS Ground setting in the COMPUSHIFT controller to "off" when you are using an existing EFI TPS.

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