You can utilize the COMPUTSHIFT II Switch-Shift feature with an optional wire harness (usually for customers who want pushbutton or paddle shifting).


  • Switch-Shift lets you manually upshift and downshift the transmission via a pair of pushbuttons or a paddle shifter.
  • The Switch-Shift Wiring Harness (shown here) connects into the Transmission Wiring Harness and should be routed to your switch location or paddle shifter.


Because each Switch-Shift installation is customized, you'll have to provide your own switches or paddle shifter. HGM Automotive Electronics can recommend switches or a paddle shifter for your specific application; just ask.



Connect the Three (3) Leads

  • The white wire is common and gets connected to one pole of both switches.
  • The white/red striped wire gets connected to the upshift switch.
  • The white/black striped wire gets connected to the downshift switch. 



Connect to the Power & Engine Harness

Snap together the three-prong plug with the socket provided on the Power & Engine Harness. Be sure to fully compress the green gasket.