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Installing the Six Shooter Acculink

Acculink Installations for Barry Grant Six Shooter®

  1. Follow all the normal instructions for the Acculink throttle position sensor.
  2. Install Acculink on the center carburetor only.
  3. Remove the connecting rod from the front to rear carburetor and install spacers using longer bolts provided.
  4. Re-use the original locking nuts.
  5. Check linkage clearance at all throttle positions.
  6. Install pins in ratio arm using Loctite®
  7. Adjust the Acculink TPS so there is no play in the adjustable link rod. The TPS must have some preload.
  8. Check the full stroke so to ensure the TPS does not mechanically hit the end of travel. This can damage the sensor and make the COMPUSHIFT fail. The ratio arm has a long end and a short end. This will allow you to adjust a stroke that will not damage the sensor. The long end UP makes the stroke shorter and the short end UP makes the stroke longer. This moves the pivot point closer and farther from throttle shaft center.
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