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Installing the Transmission Pressure Sensor

This sensor kit mounts directly to the transmission and reads pressure in PSI or Kilopascals directly on the COMPUSHIFT II display.  

You will need:

Most transmissions have a test port that connects directly to the sensor.  On some, you will need to drill and tap a hole. 

Typical Installation

Select a location to attach the sensor, preferably a pan bolt. If you have a stock pan with a lip around the edge, you will need to use the spacer. If you have a cast aluminum pan (as shown in photo), you might not. Plan to route the wire and hose away from exhaust heat.

Connect the hose to the pressure port on your transmission (you may need a 90-degree fitting, not supplied).

Remove the stock pan bolt. Using the provided bolt, install the clamp holding the sensor. Add the spacer between the clamp and the pan if needed.

Connect the cable to the sensor and its other end to the TRANS 2 socket on the COMPUSHIFT II controller.

Be sure to check for leaks.


The ZF4HP24 does not have a 1/8" pipe threaded line pressure port.  It needs an adapter.   An easy way to make this adapter is to drill and tap the existing port plug.

First, locate the plug on the front pump assembly.  Looking from the front of the transmission, the line pressure port is located at about the 4 o'clock position.  

After locating the line pressure plug, remove it and drill an 11/32" hole through the plug.  Then, thread the plug using a 1/8" pipe thread tap.  The results should look like the photo to the left.  You can now use that plug as an adapter to connect the pressure sensor.

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