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Mount the Controller

Look inside your passenger compartment and decide where to mount the COMPUSHIFT II controller. It needs to be in a dry, cool, secure location -- the farther away from a heater outlet, the better. This photo shows the controller vertically mounted on an under-dash kick panel, an ideal spot.

You can also mount the controller on the floor pan or under a seat – provided there's at least 1" of clearance and free-flowing air around it. Make sure the engine exhaust system is not heating the spot where you plan to mount it.

Carefully consider the mounting location. The unit is not waterproof so never mount the controller in the engine compartment. Extreme shock and vibration, high temperature, or high input voltage can damage the unit.

You will be able to use the Display to conveniently make adjustments to COMPUSHIFT II at your convenience, so go ahead and mount the controller.


When mounting the controller, please use only the unit's built-in flange (projected edge). Occasionally clients will try makeshift methods, like hanging it from cable ties or wrapping the unit in foam and tossing it under the seat. Don't do anything like this!

The COMPUSHIFT II controller is a sealed assembly. Do not open the controller case – this will void the warranty!

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