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Status LED and Display

Your COMPUSHIFT II is equipped with a set of built-in diagnostics that continually monitor the status of the system.

You can check system status by observing either the status LED on the Controller or the COMPUSHIFT II Display screens.

Under normal circumstances, when the ignition is on:

  • The status LED on your COMPUSHIFT II should be green and slowly blinking.
  • The Display (in Dashboard mode) the System Status Display will read "No Faults."

If a problem arises:

  • The LED turns red and blinks to indicate the type of problem.
    • If the red LED blinks rapidly, there is a current problem. Consult the "System Status" screen on the Display to see the current issue(s).
    • If the red LED blinks slowly, there has been a fault in the past. Consult the "System Status" screen on the Display to see the past issue(s) and press the center button to clear fault messages one-by-one.
  • The Display's System Status Display will show messages indicating the fault code and name. If there are multiple faults, this screen will repeatedly cycle through, displaying each one.

If you receive any fault message on your COMPUSHIFT II, we recommended you consult with your transmission vendor or your local HGM representative.

The LED should never be solidly lit (it should always be blinking). If you observe a solid red or solid green LED, contact your HGM distributor or our headquarters.

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