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Using the COMPUSHIFT Setup App


This article applies to the software tools used for the COMPUSHIFT Sport and COMPUSHIFT Pro, as well as the COMPUSHIFT Mini 2

  • The setup tools are available on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

  • If you are using iOS, please be sure you are familiar with and have downloaded the Files application on iOS. You will most likely need it to email and transfer files between the mobile devices and desktop computers.

  • iOS versions of the apps are on the Apple App store. Android versions are on Google Play and Amazon Kindle store.

  • The setup tools update their user interface from our servers on the fly as we publish changes.  This means that as we add new parameters to the COMPUSHIFT, the tools will automatically work without users needing to download updates to the tools.

  • The fastest and most reliable method of doing a reflash is from a PC with a USB cable. This method is very fast, reflashing a unit in about 5-10 seconds.  Reflash over Bluetooth takes about 6 to 10 minutes  The COMPUSHIFT Pro/Sport have support for CAN based reflash, this requires a USB to CAN cable with the STN1110 chipset.  The tools also support a J2534 cable.

  • HGM still uses .SREC files for the COMPUSHIFT Pro/Sport, but they are not compatible with those on the CS2. The two systems use completely different CPUs.

  • HGM changed the file format on the calibration / parameter files to something that can be edited in Excel if necessary. They are now comma separated files. They differ from the format on the COMPUSHIFT II, and if you need a file translated, HGM will do it for you.

  • Unlike the COMPUSHIFT II, the COMPUSHIFT Sport and COMPUSHIFT Pro uses an approach for its shift and pressure tables that lets you adjust both the X and Y values. There are 16 total points to work with, but you can set the spacing of the throttle / torque (X values) any way you want. We default to X locations of 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, so you have more fidelity at the lower end. You can change them to anything you want, provided they are steadily increasing in value.


Mac and PC versions can be downloaded from the tables below.

Android software can be downloaded from the Google Play or Amazon store, or manually installed via the "apk" file provided here.

iOS software can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or through beta testing via TestFlight. Any version supplied here will only run on alpha program devices.

The functionality of the old COMPUSHIFT Flash app is incorporated into COMPUSHIFT Setup; the flash app is no longer needed.

Release notes and previous versions can be found on this page: COMPUSHIFT Setup App Software Releases.

File Modified

File cs-setup-3.0.6-12b76a6-00ecc77-arm64.dmg MacOS Apple Silicon

Aug 19, 2023

File cs-setup-3.0.6-12b76a6-00ecc77-x64.dmg MacOS Intel

Aug 19, 2023

File cs-setup-3.0.6-12b76a6-00ecc77.exe Windows

Aug 19, 2023

File cs-setup-3.0.7-fcf85f1-a38044f.apk Android

Sept 08, 2023

Log File Locations

Operating System





Appears as Android\data\com.hgmelectronics.setup.cs\files\logs when mounted on Windows


CS Setup → logs

In Files app


~/Library/Application Support/cs-setup/logs





Log Discipline

Log files are named with the time of app startup in ISO 8601 format, with the extension .log.

At every app startup, a background log rotation task runs. First, logs from previous runs are gzip-compressed and renamed with the extension .log.gz. Then, if the total size of previous log files exceeds 8 MB, old files are deleted until the total size is under this threshold.

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