Please note these are the instructions for installing part number 35602 which mates with harness 35601. These harnesses and parts use Aptiv Metri-Pack.

To complete this successfully you will need the appropriate wire crimping tool, please refer to the back of these instructions for visual references of the style of crimper required (such as Delphi 1424b) and the method to crimp each terminal correctly.

Please note - there are also extra terminals in each packet, please take your time and understand the crimping process prior to attempting to use the pins as they are single use and will have to be cut off if incorrectly connected.

Hot engines, transmissions and exhausts can cause serious injury.  Before accessing the appropriate connections allow sufficient time for the engine and transmission to cool.

Please read through all of the instructions carefully before proceeding. If any of the information does not appear correct or the diagrams don’t match your vehicle, please contact HGM.

RE4 Transmission Overview

Review the pictures below to identify the components you will be working with.

Sensor locations

Internal Loom Lever Switch

Output Speed Sensor

Connector Installation

Output Speed Sensor

The output speed connector will require three wires to be installed in the provided 1x3 connector, identified by the purple rubber seal.

Refer to the splice table below.

Internal Loom

Shift Lever Switch

Crimping the Wires

EXAMPLE WIRE CRIMPERS (Delphi 1424B in photos)