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Using the Acculink Throttle Position Sensor to Replace a Factory TPS


Many customers do engine swaps or remove factory fuel injection systems and replace them with carburetors. Often these vehicles still need a throttle position sensor to make the factory automatic transmission controller work. In some cases, the Acculink TPS can be used to replace the factory sensor. Unfortunately, due to the wide variety of different engine, transmission, and vehicle combinations, HGM can not provide support or warranty for these applications.

We can, however, provide the following information that may be helpful:

  • The Acculink sensor is an ordinary variable resistance sensor meant for 5 volt applications.

  • There are three wires, power, signal, and ground.

    • Pin A: Ground - Green/White

    • Pin B: Signal - Green

    • Pin C: +5 Power - Green/Red

  • Across the full sweep, the voltage usually varies from 0 to 5 volts.

  • The original factory voltage range and sweep can be different, causing trouble codes, erratic shifting, or even transmission failure.

Installation Guides

You can read the Acculink Throttle Position Sensor Installation Guide or view our installation video, below:

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