HGM offers a billet push-button switch that can be used for manual torque converter clutch control.

Installing the Switch

Here are the simple instructions on how to install it:

  1. Locate a position that is easy to reach from the drivers seat.
  2. Drill a 19mm or 3/4” hole for the switch.
  3. Install the switch from the front with the o-ring in place.
  4. Install the nut on the rear of the switch.  Tighten gently.
  5. From the switch, the black and yellow wires connect to ground. These wires have a ground lug already installed.
  6. The green wire on the switch connects to the blue wire
  7. The other black wire from the switch connects to the blue/red wire from the COMPUSHIFT II labelled “TCC Mengine harness labelled “O/D CANCEL LED”




Using the Switch

  • Press the switch to lock the manually lock the torque converter clutch.
  • Press the switch again to unlock the torque converter clutch.
  • The LED will light any time the torque converter clutch is engaged.