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COMPUSHIFT Mini 3 Manual

The COMPUSHIFT Mini 3 is a standalone plug-and-play system designed to control the torque converter clutch and overdrive on selected transmissions including:

  • GM 700R4

  • GM 2004R

  • Chrysler A518 / 46RH

  • Chrylser A618 / 47RH

Unlike other control modules that use vacuum switches or a simple delay timer, the COMPUSHIFT Mini uses throttle position and vehicle speed to optimize its shifting and clutch control.

The COMPUSHIFT Setup app on your mobile device (phone / table) to setup and configure the COMPUSHIFT Mini.  This app can be obtained for free by searching for it at app store on your device.

The COMPUSHIFT Mini 3 uses a miniaturized version of same control software and electronics as HGM's COMPUSHIFT Sport.

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