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The COMPUSHIFT Setup Dashboard

Vehicle Speed

This screen shows the current vehicle speed in MPH or KPH, depending on your units setting.

Throttle Position

This screen shows the current throttle position as percentage from 0 to 100.  

This value should smoothly vary as the accelerator pedal is pressed.

Note that this will not show correct throttle position unit the throttle position sensor has been calibrated.


This gauge (A518 only) shows the current gear as detected by the switches and sensors.  Note that the COMPUSHIFT Mini can only detect 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gear.  Other gears will be shown as 2nd.


This screen shows whether or not 4th gear or overdrive is engaged.  

On the GM 700R4 / 2004R, this screen shows the status of the 4th gear switch.

On the Chrysler A518/46RH and Chrysler A618/47RH, this screen shows the status of the 4th gear / overdrive solenoid.

Transmission Pressure (GM Only)

This screen shows the current transmission main line pressure in PSI or kilopascals, depending on your units setting.

For most transmissions, this value will be in the 80-100 PSI range in neutral at an idle.

Torque Converter Clutch

This screen shows whether or not the torque converter clutch is engaged.


This shows the battery voltage as measured by the COMPUSHIFT Mini.


This shows a count of the number of faults detected by the COMPUSHIFT Mini.  This number should be 0 under all normal circumstances. 

You can review what faults are active by scrolling to the bottom of the screen and pressing the "Trouble Codes"  button at the bottom of the screen.

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