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System Checkout

Power On!

Without starting the engine, turn the ignition on. If everything has been correctly wired, the display on the COMPUSHIFT Mini will briefly show either:

GM 700R4


CHRY 518

depending on which model is installed. After that, it should should show:


If display is blank or shows something else, then there is some kind of problem, most likely with the wiring.

Pressure Sensor Check

With the vehicle in park, start the engine. Press the "up" key once to select the pressure screen.


Press the "select" key. The display should show something like:

  90 PSI

Verify that the screen shows some pressure and that this pressure changes with throttle.

Turn off the engine.

Speed Sensor Check

With the vehicle in park, start the engine. The display should show this screen:


Press the "select" key once. The display should now show:

   0 MPH

Have an assistant sit in the passenger seat and hold the COMPUSHIFT Mini.

Drive slowly and verify that the on screen speed display matches the vehicle speedometer.

If all of these tests pass, then you are ready to calibrate the throttle position sensor.


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