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Using the Display

The COMPUSHIFT Mini is equipped with an 8-character LCD and a 3-key keypad as shown below.

The three keys from left to right are: down (downward-pointing arrow), up (upward-pointing arrow), and select (round dot).

The display has two major modes: navigation and editing.

Navigation Mode

The system always powers up in navigation mode. The title of each screen is printed (sometimes abbreviated) on the display, like this:


This mode lets you move or navigate between different screens using the "up" and "down" keys. Pressing the "up" key goes to the next screen. Pressing the "down" key goes to the previous screen.

All of the screens are arranged in a continuous sequence or loop. If you press the "up" or "down" key enough times in navigation mode, you will end up back where you started.

When you press the "select" key in navigation mode, you enter edit mode.

Edit Mode

Edit mode lets you see and adjust (if allowed) the value of the item or parameter you selected in navigation mode, like this:

  30 MPH

On screens that can be edited, the "up" and "down" keys can be used to increase or decrease the value shown. Holding the arrow button will cause it to repeat, letting you change a value quickly.

On screens that can not be edited (status screens), the display continually shows the value and the arrow keys do nothing.

In some cases, the arrow keys are used to start a function like throttle position sensor calibration or factory reset.

The "select" key is used to save your edits and return to navigation mode.


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