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Calibrate the Throttle Position Sensor

Vehicles with CAN

 If the COMPUSHIFT is connected to the CAN network on your engine management system, you can skip throttle position sensor calibration. This is because the engine management system is directly reporting throttle position to the COMPUSHIFT II controller.

This video explains how to perform the calibration, step-by-step, or you can follow the directions below.




As the final step of your COMPUSHIFT II installation, and before you drive your vehicle, you must calibrate the TPS.

  • Start your engine.  This would be a good time to confirm that the tachometer reads out correctly on the display.
  • Allow the engine to idle and warm up enough so it's no longer on fast idle or choke.  Then turn the engine off.
  • With the vehicle in Park, and engine off, turn on the ignition switch to provide power to your COMPUSHIFT II. Wait 5 seconds.  Do not start the engine.
  • Enter SETUP mode on the Display and press the Right Arrow (next screen) until you get to the TPS Calibration Setup screen.
    For more information about this screen, see this page: Throttle Position Sensor Calibration screen.

Throttle Position
Sensor Calibration
0.06 < 2.51 < 4.94

  • Press the "Enter" button and you'll have 5 seconds to completely depress and release the throttle pedal. 

  • This one stroke of the throttle pedal should be done in a slow, even motion before the 5 seconds elapse.

  • Once you've stroked the throttle, wait 5 more seconds, and then observe the status LED on the COMPUSHIFT II Controller – it should be slowly blinking green.
  • Depress the throttle pedal completely and hold it for 5 seconds. The LED should still be slowly blinking green.
  • If your unit was configured by HGM or your dealer, or you have done basic setup on the display, then you are ready to drive.
2.51 < 2.51 < 2.52

If the LED changes to red and starts to blink, there may be a problem with your COMPUSHIFT II installation or throttle calibration. If so, turn your ignition switch off for a few seconds and repeat the calibration procedure. If this fails to prevent the LED from blinking red, refer to Diagnostics & Troubleshooting to correct the fault.

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