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Display SETUP Screens

SETUP mode is used to customize your COMPUSHIFT II configuration.

You should only enter SETUP mode when it is safe to do so. Do not attempt to setup your COMPUSHIFT II while driving.

If you purchased COMPUSHIFT II from a dealer, the dealer has pre-programed your COMPUSHIFT II for your specific application based on a series of questions. We recommend consulting your dealer or HGM headquarters before attempting to program changes on your COMPUSHIFT II. Your COMPUSHIFT II is a finely engineered tool, and like any tool, can be used improperly.

COMPUSHIFT II is designed to work in a variety of applications. Incorrect programming in conjunction with some vehicle, engine and transmission combinations can result in extreme transmission and vehicle damage. In particular, failure to provide adequate line pressure under high power or high RPM conditions can cause transmission failure. Be sure you know what you're doing before attempting to change programming in SETUP Mode.

How SETUP Screens Work

Each SETUP screen allows you to adjust the value of a parameter or group of parameters. In most cases, a SETUP screen starts by showing you the current value, which you can adjust.

How to Enter SETUP Mode

This screen is the entry point for a second set of configuration controls, called SETUP mode.

The SETUP mode can only be entered from the "System Setup Menu" screen of the DASHBOARD mode. The vehicle should be stopped, engine off, transmission in park and ignition on before you enter the SETUP mode.




Press the "Select" button to enter the Setup screen sequence.

Within SETUP mode, there is a sequence of screens arranged in a loop, just like the DASHBOARD screens are. See the Display SETUP screens page for details and links to each of the screens.

You should only enter SETUP mode when it is safe to do so. Do not attempt to setup your COMPUSHIFT II while driving.

  System Setup Menu  

Screens are arranged in a repeating sequence, so if you press the "Next Screen" button (right arrow) a number of times, you'll eventually return to the initial screen, Transmission Type.

The sequence is as follows:


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