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Driving & Shifting

Fully Automatic Shifting

COMPUSHIFT II uses information about throttle position, vehicle speed and gear level to decide when to shift.

  • As you increase the amount of applied throttle, COMPUSHIFT II decides to upshift at increasingly higher vehicle speeds.
  • When you drive away with light throttle, COMPUSHIFT II upshifts relatively soon.
  • If you give the engine full throttle, COMPUSHIFT II will upshift at a higher vehicle speed and engine RPM.

Shift firmness is controlled in much the same way as shift speed.

  • Shift firmness is related to throttle position or engine load, not vehicle speed. This is because a firm shift is required to prevent slippage when the engine is making more torque. Under less power, the shift can be gentler.

Using a Paddle Shifter or Switch-Shift (Optional)

If you utilize the Switch-Shift feature, you can manually upshift and downshift the transmission via a pair of pushbuttons or paddles.  Here's how the feature works:

  • When you first put the transmission in gear, shifting will be automatic.  
  • Press either the upshift or downshift button to change the transmission gear.  The display will show "S" in the GEAR meter instead of "A".  
  • After a button press, the transmission will stay in switch shift mode and will not automatically shift without another button press.
  • At a stop in automatic mode,  the transmission is normally in 1st gear.  If you press the downshift button, the transmission remains in 1st gear, but changes to Switch Shift mode.
  • You must downshift manually when coming to a stop.
  • To cancel switch shift mode and return to fully automatic shifting, hold the downshift or upshift button for 2 seconds.
  • Moving the shift lever also exits you out of Switch-Shift mode, and COMPUSHIFT II reverts to automatic mode. 

Many transmissions do not have the ability to engine brake under automatic control. This means you cannot control your speed on a descent using the Switch-Shift controls. If you wish to use the engine while decelerating, you must use the shift lever.

Using the A/B Mode Switch (Optional)

To change between modes, press and hold the button for 2 seconds. It will be illuminated when you are in Mode B.

When you start the vehicle, the system will always start in Mode A.


A-B Mode is available for two of the DASHBOARD screens: Shift Speed Adjust and Shift Pressure Adjust.

  • You will only be able to see and adjust the setting for your current mode.
  • You can adjust these on the fly by pressing the up or down key.

SETUP Screens

Within the SETUP screens, many settings offer an Mode A/B feature.

  • The settings that are intrinsic to your vehicle (such as vehicle weight and final drive ratio) do not offer Mode settings; they are constant for both modes.
  • You should only enter SETUP mode when it is safe to do so. 
  • Do not attempt to adjust these settings while driving.

Using the Overdrive Cancel Switch (Optional)

The pushbutton is a momentary type. Press it once and it will cancel the overdrive function. Touch it again and it will restore overdrive.

The light on the switch will be on when overdrive is off.

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