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Stopwatch Screen

COMPUSHIFT II has a built-in stopwatch that allows you to time trips or other events.

The stopwatch also has a "lap time" capability.





Start the stopwatch count by pressing the "Select" button.

To record a lap, press the "Option" button. The top time display always shows the time total elapsed time since the stopwatch was started. The bottom display always shows the time since the current lap began.

Press "Select" a second time to stop the stopwatch entirely.

Once stopped, you can review the lap times. Each lap's start time is displayed on the top time display. The lap time is shown in the bottom time display.
Pressing the "Up" or "Down" button moves you to the next recorded lap time. Once all lap times have been displayed, you are returned to the first lap time. The system records up to 100 laps.

Press "Select" a third time to reset the stopwatch and clear all lap times.

The stopwatch continues to run while you're in other screens and maintains time as long as COMPUSHIFT II has power. The stopwatch can count up to 200 hours.

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