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Tuning and Driving

As shipped from the HGM factory, the COMPUSHIFT Mini has a reasonable group of default settings. If the throttle position sensor has been properly calibrated, and the speed sensor is working properly, the rest of the system should simply work.

However, if you decide to tune further, here are some recommendations to keep in mind:

  • Drive your vehicle with an assistant. Distracted drivers are much more likely to cause an accident.
  • Have your assistant take notes and listen to your comments as you drive. Make systematic changes based on these notes.
  • Familiarize yourself and your assistant with the status screens so you understand what the controller is doing as you drive.
  • Make sure your engine and transmission work properly to begin with. Fine-tuning the torque converter clutch and overdrive (on Chrysler A518 / A519)  is pointless if the vehicle is running poorly.
  • Based on your assistant's notes, make changes to a single parameter at a time, and then retest.
  • Do not attempt to make adjustments while you are driving, as this is safety hazard.
  • Make realistic, smooth changes to the throttle and vehicle while you are testing. Do not drive erratically as you try to explore every possible setting!
  • Consult your dealer or HGM for recommendations on how to set the parameters. You aren't the first to do this job, so there is no reason not to consult an expert.

If you are setting up a Chrylser A518/46RH or Chrysler A618/47RH, we recommend setting up the overdrive parameters first, then the torque converter clutch.

You can temporarily disable the torque converter clutch by setting the minimum lock speed very high.

What's next:

Driving with COMPUSHIFT Mini

No special considerations are needed when driving with the COMPUSHIFT Mini. Properly tuned, your vehicle should have better gas mileage during cruising, and be responsive to the throttle.

Once tuning is complete, the COMPUSHIFT Mini can be mounted in its final location and left alone. No further adjustment or maintenance is needed. 

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