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Connect the Display

The COMPUSHIFT II Display has a backlit liquid-crystal display (LCD) and a 7-key keypad.

  • It connects to the COMPUSHIFT II Controller with the attached cable.
  • If you need to mount the Display at a greater distance from the Controller than the stock cable permits - up to 25 feet - contact HGM to order a custom cable.

The COMPUSHIFT II Display cable connects to the OPTIONS connector on the COMPUSHIFT II.

Do not connect anything other than your COMPUSHIFT II Display to your COMPUSHIFT Controller, and do not connect anything other than your COMPUSHIFT II Controller to the Display. Doing so can damage your Display, your COMPUSHIFT II Controller, or both, and void your warranty.

See the Tuning and Driving section for details on the Display SETUP Screens and Display DASHBOARD Screens.

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