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Maximum Engine RPM

This setting offers "A" and "B" modes. You can set up two different COMPUSHIFT configurations in advance, and use the mode switch to change between them.

As you adjust the shift speed up and down, you may find that the wide-open throttle upshift RPM is different from the speed at which you feel comfortable running your engine.

The "Maximum Engine Speed" allows you to set an upper RPM limit or cap at which your COMPUSHIFT II will always upshift.

This feature is active whether you have a tachometer signal attached to COMPUSHIFT II or not. When there's no tachometer signal present, COMPUSHIFT II calculates the transmission input shaft speed from the output shaft speed and gear ratio.


Maximum Engine RPM A
      5500 RPM

Please be aware that slippage in the torque converter makes this method less accurate than a tachometer input.

This feature is not a substitute for a proper rev limiter in your ignition or fuel system. Different transmissions respond to shift commands differently and with different delays. It's likely that your engine will exceed this RPM setting by some small amount, depending how quickly the transmission responds to a shift command. In the beginning, it's wise to set this feature conservatively. Initially, set this value at least 1000 RPM low, and then gradually increase the setting until you're happy with the resulting shift point.

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