This setting offers "A" and "B" modes. You can set up two different COMPUSHIFT configurations in advance, and use the mode switch to change between them.

This screen sets your shifting mode to either Automatic or Manual. If the Shift Mode is set to "Manual", automatic shift sequencing is disabled. This means the vehicle is in whatever gear you put the lever, or however you set the Switch-Shift paddles/buttons.

In manual mode, COMPUSHIFT II still does pressure modulation and torque converter control -- you have just have to manually change gears.


    Shift Mode A    



Be aware! In manual mode, you are in control of the shifting. This means if you place the lever in fourth-gear position, the vehicle will be in fourth gear, even from a stop. Use care when operating the transmission in manual mode -- there is potential for overheating the torque converter or other vehicle damage. This mode is not recommended for street use.