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Connecting COMPUSHIFT to Cummins R2.8 CM2220


The Cummins R.28 CM2220 engine package provides J1939 communication over CAN bus which is compatible with the COMPUSHIFT controllers. 

Wiring to the CAN bus can be difficult because Cummins hasn't provided a connector for it.


The standard CAN bus connectivity kit HGM provides for the COMPUSHIFT installation (usually CAN-6) has a CAN bus tee and terminator at one end, and a black Deutsch plug and socket combination at the other.  The Cummins loom has two termination resistors provided already, one at the engine side in the engine compartment, and one at the gauge side, in the vehicle.  HGM recommends removing one of these resistors and replacing it with the supplied black two pin Deutsch socket. From there, route the rest of the harness to the COMPUSHIFT controller, and plug the gray connector on the COMPUSHFIT into the supplied tee.

Engine Side

  1. Engine ECU

  2. Terminating Resistor

Gauge Side

6. Terminating Resistor
7. Gauge

Making The Connection

Cut the terminating resistor from one end of the Cummins loom.  Connect the HGM provided harness as follows in place of the resistor.



Cummins ECU Pin







COMPUSHIFT Controller Parameter Settings



Vehicle Settings > Engine Type

J1939 High Speed Diesel

Network Settings > CAN Bus 1 Baud Rate

500 Kb

Do NOT drive the vehicle until you have confirmed CAN communications are working properly and you have no trouble codes.

You can diagnose CAN bus problems by going to Diagnostics / Network Diagnostics on the CS Setup App. CAN 1 Receive Count should be steadily increasing when the ECU’s are communicating correctly. The error counts should always be 0.

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